It’s 4:58pm, do you know where your drink is?

Do you make New Year resolutions? Normally I have the usual list: I start out excited and motivated but by the end of the year, nothing has really changed too much. This year, rather than the traditional resolutions, I wanted to accomplish something that made me feel good and perhaps learn something along the way.

Back in 2014, I had this thought of creating something I could be proud of, was my own, and I could change and modify any way I chose to.  At the same time, I was thinking how I would achieve more fun in my life, I realized I’m pretty rigid when it comes to my life.

I like to eat well, exercise, organize myself in a routine, and take little time for myself without feeling guilty.  What if I was to let all of that go, or at least let a bit of it go and see what happens?

I now have an atmosphere of delightful ambiance.  A place where I, and others, can come and relax.  Simple, and yet original.

Thank you.