5 stars bro!

My friends & I had an awesome time. Atmosphere was very quiet and relaxing. We chose no music and had a lot of laughs. Great drinks. That 12 year aged rum you used was sweet, never tasted anything like it. Could have used a bit more wine selection, the lady likes wine over the liquor, but that paloma you made for her was perfect. Was fun, a lot of laughs, and a great way to end the week. 5 stars my friend!

Thank you Art!

We had an awesome time! The drinks were great, a bit strong, LOL. I loved all the neon signs and the atmosphere. He played some music at our request, and was good about giving us some good conversation as well as time to my girl and me.

Thanks again! Will come back next week. Have the rum ready.

Cool place to relax!

I was told about this place from a friend, decided to visit after a terrible day as I live in the area. Bartender is a cool guy, fun to chat with and makes good drinks. A small hiding place when you need to get away for a short while. This is my new go-to place.


It’s 4:58pm, do you know where your drink is?

Do you make New Year resolutions? Normally I have the usual list: I start out excited and motivated but by the end of the year, nothing has really changed too much. This year, rather than the traditional resolutions, I wanted to accomplish something that made me feel good and perhaps learn something along the way.

Back in 2014, I had this thought of creating something I could be proud of, was my own, and I could change and modify any way I chose to.  At the same time, I was thinking how I would achieve more fun in my life, I realized I’m pretty rigid when it comes to my life.

I like to eat well, exercise, organize myself in a routine, and take little time for myself without feeling guilty.  What if I was to let all of that go, or at least let a bit of it go and see what happens?

I now have an atmosphere of delightful ambiance.  A place where I, and others, can come and relax.  Simple, and yet original.

Thank you.